SPAT TECH (Students playing for the advanced technology)

To continue with the celebration of the “International Girls’ Day in Tics”, the “W-STEM FICA” group in conjunction with the Wie Affinity Group (Women in Engineering) of the IEEE Student Branch of the Universidad Técnica de Norte organized a workshop called “SPAT TECH”.

This activity encourages the collaborative work among the participants, the IEEE students and the professors of the Faculty, forming different groups. This groups have to use recyclable materials (plastic bottles, wooden sticks, leagues, among others) to replicate a moving car. Through this workshop the participants developed their creativity and ingenuity since they had to create the car design and make it even better that the example presented to them. The workshop winner was the group that got his car move a longer distance.

The SPAT TECH event was a complete success so the director of the orphanage “Mercedes de Jesús Molina” asked us to replicate the event for a group of girls that couldn’t attend to the university. So, we did the same activities in the orphanage. The workshop goal was that each group create a robot with recyclable material. The winning group was the one that built the robot with the best design.

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