Oulu University

UOULU is a multidisciplinary university with 16 000 students and over 3000 employees located in the north of Finland. The university has ten faculties which range from humanities and medicine to business, science and technology. The structure of the University and its wide collaboration network allows it to build multidisciplinary projects, conduct high level research and contribute to solving global challenges in the following five focus areas: 1. Creating sustainability through materials and systems; 2. Molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health; 3. Digital solutions in sensing and interactions; 4. Earth and near-space system and environmental change and 5. Understanding humans in change. UOULU collaborates in many ways with various partners to meet the changing demands of information and work life, and to promote well-being and competitiveness of the society. UOULU has a proven track record of participating in the EU Framework programmes throughout their evolution. Since FP4 UOULU has been a part of more than 250 projects and networks, of which over 30 have been coordinated by UOULU. In the Horizon 2020 programme, the University has 31 approved projects (July 2016) where it acts in both coordinator and partner roles. UOULU is well equipped to manage large-scale projects with multiple international partners. To support the talented researchers and high-quality infrastructures, the University provides a range of support services to facilitate successful management and implementation of its multiple projects.  Research Support Services, Legal Services and Innovation Services help the researchers in contract, project management, commercialisation and IPR-issues. In addition, UOULU has several national and international responsibilities with regards research infrastructures and specific research themes. University of Oulu has the responsibility of Finnish coordination of the following four international infrastructural networks (ESFRI): Eiscat, Infrafrontier Finland (EMMA), Max IV, XFEL/XBI.


  • Sari Harmoinen
  • Mervi Heikkinen