Universidad Técnica del Norte

Universidad Técnica del Norte (UTN) is located in the city of Ibarra in the northern Andean region of Ecuador. UTN is a public institution with 31 years of activity that consists of five schools – Health Sciences, Administrative and Economic Sciences, Education Science and Technology, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and Applied Sciences – offering 37 majors, as well as a Graduate Institute.

UTN currently has approximately 9,000 students and 600 professors. Most students come from the provinces of Imbabura, Carchi, Pichincha, Esmeraldas and Sucumbios, but there are even students of the Republic of Colombia whose border is 2 hours distance. We serve a student body representing low-income households in Ecuador and Colombia.

UTN offers principally science and engineering majors, with laboratories that address STEM programs specifically. It also offers a virtual library, farm laboratories, and university radio and television. It belongs to research networks such as CEDIA, CLARA, IEEE, VLIR-UOS.

The University High School where the university students can get their first experiences in teaching, also is part of UTN. This school will be a special target for us in this project, in order to implement the different actions addressing secondary levels.


  • Jorge Caraguay
  • Catalina Ramirez
  • Luz María Tobar Subia
  • Winston Oviedo
  • Daisy Imbaquingo
  • Carlos Vasquez
  • Victoria Proaño
  • Katharina Steinlechner