Future is female: Discussions with Women in Science & Tech

Study in Finland has organized a webinar series focused on learning more about Finland, how to study, research, work, and cooperate in Finland, and how to create the future. The webinars were for students, researchers, innovators, start-ups entrepreneurs, and curious minds.

The “Future is Made in Finland Webinar Series” were seven episodes illuminating the ways how the globe is changing and challenged, and how science in one of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems in Finland is taking us through the challenges – to the future.

In particular, the last episode was focused on women in science and technology. The “Future is female – Discussion with Women in Science & Tech” hosted a discussion with some truly inspiring scientists, leaders, innovators, investors, and role models.

The recordings of this webinar series are available at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu5ByafMs1Qtljlp4DfoPmHKIyHHHiiJd.

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