Entrepreneurship and Financial Freedom

The Universidad Técnica del Norte, through the International Erasmus Project “Building the future of Latin America: engaging women into STEM”, organized a series of conferences called “Entrepreneurial Culture”. The second talk was about “Entrepreneurship and Financial Freedom” as part of the project’s Guidance and Mentoring activities. This activity was intended for students and graduates of the different careers of the University.

The main goal was to provide information and tools that allow you to start developing an enterprise. The speaker began by stating that there is a regulation of the entrepreneurship law. Therefore, it is important to take good advice before starting a venture. Because several aspects must be considered and especially take into account that an entrepreneur’s path does not. It is not easy, but with determination and discipline, you can achieve success. He also told us that it is crucial not to be dependent on a job, it is better to be an entrepreneur. For this, it is not only enough to be a highly prepared person, but rather to be a persistent, innovative person and never be a conformist. He expressed that this pandemic showed us that in difficult times is where innovation and creativity can allow us to generate new ventures based on the new needs that people have. Finally, he told us about the Cashflow quadrant, and what does it consist of in each part.

The online event was completely free and took place on November 24, 2020, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (GTM-5) through the Teams platform. As a result of the event, 127 registered students were obtained, with the participation of students from the careers of all the Faculties (5) of the Technical University of the North.

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