W-STEM team involved in the last edition of LAWCC

The XIII LAWCC was held as part of the XLVII CLEI (Latin American Computer Conference) on 28 October 2021 in online format.

The main objective of this Conference is to highlight the research, interest and achievements of women in the computing areas. The conference provides a space to promote women in computing and also share actions and projects to reduce the gender gap in the technological sector.

The sessions were moderated by Andrea Delgado, María Estrada, Alicia García-Holgado and Gabriela Marín. The works presented were:

  • “The First Experiences of the UNA STEM” by Network Irene Hernández, Maria Arias Andres, Carolina Esquivel Dobles, Christian Chaverri Ramos, Khalia Calvo Sánchez and Francisco Loría Valverde.
  • “Gender gap perception of computer science students in Costa Rica: a case study in two public universities” by Alicia García-Holgado, Maria Estrada, Gabriela Marín and Francisco José García-Peñalvo.
  • “STEM females Ecuador, initiative, and the labor scenery” by Germania Rodriguez Morales, Samanta Cueva Carrión, Luz María Tobar and Andrea Carrión Herrera.
  • “Niñas Pro: an initiative to educate, inspire and empower women” by Mabel Vidal, Jazmine Maldonado, Teresa Bracamonte, Florencia Miranda, Antonia Labarca and Jocelyn Simmonds.
  • “Computing for Girls in Elementary School in Brazil: A Mapping of Literature” by Maristela Holanda, Alice Lima, Alice Borges, Kailany Ketulhe, Aleteia Araujo, Carla Koike and Roberta Oliveira.
  • “An experience on virtual hands-on workshops to bring teenage girls to Computer Science in Uruguay” by Andrea Delgado, Aiala Rosá, Adriana Marotta, Camila Sanz, Raquel Sosa, Mercedes Marzoa and Lorena Etcheverry.
  • “GoGirls: Gender Equity Integrated into Digital Literacy” by Emely Vitória V. Albernaz and Valguima Odakura.
  • “An Analysis of the Reproduction of Gender Bias in the Speech of Alexa Virtual Assistant” by Christiane Oliveira and Marilia Amaral.
  • “A scientific research overview at the Brazilian Computer Society Congress: a feminine perspective” by Thalia S. Santana and Adriano H. Braga.

W-STEM was involved through the organization and sharing the results of two experiences, one in Ecuador (Universidad Técnica del Norte and Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja) and another in Costa Rica (Universidad de Costa Rica, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica and University of Salamanca).

The papers presented during the conference will be available in the proceedings at CEUR-WS.org.

Watch the full conference:

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