Talk Series “Women in Engineering”

With the aim of improving strategies and mechanisms to attract, access and guide women to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) higher education programmes in Latin America, the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María will hold a series of talks aimed at women interested in these areas.

The initiative will be carried out within the framework of the international project Building the future of Latin America: engaging women into STEM (W-STEM) and the Engineering 2030 Project, The Clover.

On this occasion, the exhibitors will have the opportunity to comment on their personal experience, in order to serve as a reference for students and potential young people interested in STEM. The talks are oriented to deepen in motivations, university life and how women who today are leaders in their areas, became interested in their careers.

The agenda for the talks will be: Thursday 03 September, 16:00: Dr. Shelia Lazcano, academic from the Department of Mechanical Engineering; Tuesday 08 September, 16:00, Dr. Margarita Norambuena, academic from the Department of Electrical Engineering; Thursday 10 September, 16:00, Dr. Karem Tello, Director of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering; Tuesday 15 September, 16:00, Dr. Valeria del Campo, researcher from the Department of Physics.

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