IEEE Event: Referents in engineering mixed teams

Next Wednesday 15th July 2020 at 19:00 CEST the round table Referents engineering mixed teams will be held.

Alicia García-Holgado from the University of Salamanca and member of the W-STEM team will participate as speaker with other references in mixed teams engineering. The speakers are going to share their motivations for studying engineering, what they felt was best when they obtained their engineering degree, what they feel most proud of as engineers and the advantages of participating in mixed teams.

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This event is organized from the UNED, led by its Vice President of Students and Entrepreneurship, in combination with the Student Branch of the IEEE of the UNED, will develop a new activity with the participation of students who belong to the Branch, in collaboration with other Vice Rectors of the UNED (Research and Internationalization, Associated Centers), the Associate Center of Madrid at its headquarters in Las Tablas, the Schools of Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and the Faculty of Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Environment), the Teaching Innovation Project (PID) for Teaching Innovation Groups (GID) of the UNED, GID2016-17 “STEM laboratories and educational robotics for the improvement of the student experience – STEM-SEC”, the Spanish Chapter of the IEEE Education Society and Plaza Robotica.

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