Women that changed Science

The road for women in science in Mexico and the world has not been easy. A very frequent question is, how to achieve the perfect balance between our personal and professional roles? We need to create mechanisms that favor an equitative and collaborative working environment, focused on achievements and development of science. There are many factors that slow down the development of women in science, such as the economic gap and the maternity leave. In Mexico, there is still a long road ahead for women to grow professionally without compromising personal growth.

During the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (Feb, 11) we organized an event to promote the inclusion of women in chemistry. Several universities and scientific organizations were involved, such as CONACYT and Tec de Monterrey. There were over 204 simultaneous reunions around the world with the objective to create networks for future female leaders in science. In high school Prepa Tec, we invited 80 female students to this event, where they had the opportunity to know and share their questions with female scientists, engineers and researchers. With this event we created a network of mentors to motivate women to make a career in science. Our female students can access the mentoring network as a guide in their professional career.

During the dialogues we discussed the obstacles that women face in science, the societal roles regarding the time spent with family and the professional life, the importance of seeking balance between personal and professional aspects, stereotypes in education and inequality of opportunities.

What can we do to ease the way of women in science?

  • Believe in yourself
  • Focus your efforts
  • Reflect on your objectives and goals
  • Find a mentor
  • Establish a support network
  • Inspire and help other women

Read more at the official Tecnologico de Monterrey site: https://observatorio.tec.mx/edu-bits-blog/mujeres-que-cambiaron-la-ciencia

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