International Days promoting women in STEM at UDG

The University of Guadalajara collaborates with the W-STEM project in its objective of improving the strategies and mechanisms of attraction, access and orientation of women in STEM higher education programs in Latin America

In this regard, representatives of the W-STEM project participated in events carried out by the institution that seek to promote the incorporation of new generations of students to the study of science, as well as make visible the contributions that women have made throughout history, and those that currently perform in the search for gender equality in education and scientific development.

Scientist for a day

The Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology (IAM) was the headquarters of Scientist for a day, an event held on February 11 in the framework of the celebration of the day of the girl and the woman in science; where through thematic tables of various sciences, exhibitions, games, experiments from each of the disciplines were presented, seeking the approach of girls and young women to women dedicated to science.

Around 400 participants received the intrinsic message of “science is also for women” and were able to understand more clearly and closely the disciplines of Astrophysics, Meteorology, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Pharmacobiology, Informatics, among others.

We invite you to CUCEI

As part of the commemorative activities for the month of women, in a vocational orientation day, the University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering (CUCEI) received, in its facilities, around 300 high school and high school students, where through of 16 workshops, they will learn about the educational offer of the university center.

The objective was that they knew, first hand and in a practical way, what STEM careers are about (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and that they were in the place where knowledge and research are generated: laboratories and classrooms.

The workshops covered the fields of materials science, chemical engineering, technology, biologist, pharmaceutical chemist, surveying engineering, industrial engineering, robotics, mathematics, and physics, among others.

The public attending these events was diverse in terms of their age and interests, but the response was encouraging when they heard testimonies from girls or young people who were interested in STEM careers.

The University of Guadalajara will continue collaborating with the W-STEM project, through various activities that reinforce this common objective.

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