Technology Promotion Awarded in Oulu

OuLUMA-Center is a unit at the University of Oulu that advances cooperation between universities and schools to develop education of STEM subjects in northern Finland. According to Sari Harmoinen, the vice director of the center and the leader of the Oulu’s W-STEM team, the center received a certificate of appreciation from the City of Oulu in December due to endeavors in providing schools with introduction to the field of technology. The OuLUMA-center is complimented on its innovativeness and it is noted in the document that the cooperation augments the prospects for the youth to work in the technology field. Recently, Sari has also worked on the STEM aspect at the Faculty of Education to include it in the new curriculum as one of its focus areas — an effort needed to enhance its role in the female-dominated field that has traditionally been STEM-shy.

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