Daisy Vergara: leading engineer in the automation and control of Covestro’s production plants

Electrical and electronic engineer from Universidad del Norte, specialist in Engineering Management Systems and master’s degree in Power Engineering from Technical University of Munich; winner of two scholarships, speaks three languages and today works in Germany as a leading engineer in the automation and control of production plants for Covestro, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality polymers.

She did her internship in Transelca (Barranquilla), worked in Roy Alpha (Barranquilla), also in Itansuca (Bogotá). Once in Germany, she did an internship and a master’s thesis with Siemens. Afterwards, she joined Jacobs (Germany). Three years later, she arrived in Covestro (Germany), where she is in charge of evaluating and implementing the technology needed to automate and control the new production plants, as well as assessing the risks and feasibility of the projects. She is also responsible for the development of the budget and the different measures required for the correct design, construction and start-up.

Thank you Daisy for helping to change the statistics!

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