Carolina Escudero: Awarded the “Rising Star” for her career as an engineer in the United Kingdom

Electrical Engineer from the universidad del Norte, Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Technology, STEM ambassador in the United Kingdom and volunteer of the “Women’s Engineering Society” program. Winner of the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship from the European Commission and recently awarded the “Rising Star” award in the Energy and Utilities category in recognition of her career as an electrical engineer and her volunteerism focused on inspiring women to pursue studies at STEM.

She did her internship in Acesco (Barranquilla). Later, she was the winner of the “Semillero de Profesionales en Interconexión Eléctrica (ISA)” call, where she had the opportunity to work on many projects, including the renovation of the San Carlos substation. Later she was the winner of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, with which she did her master’s degree between Sweden and the Netherlands. Afterwards she worked for UK Power Networks for 4 years; then she came to Vattenfall, a Swedish energy company dedicated to the generation, distribution and commercialization of energy in Europe, to work in the distribution area. There she develops projects of clean propulsion technologies for maritime transport and ports through electrification.

Thank you Carolina for changing the statistics!


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